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"Gespielt wird zwischen Ende September und Ende Juli."

January 27, 2013



How does one know WHO plays, from the German sentence?


Not at all. That being said, I don't even know where they got 'they' from. Seems pretty random to me.The german sentence just states that the time wherein someone or something plays something is between the end of those two months, while someone could be anyone.


Thanks. That is a big help, and I appreciate it. I don't so much mind when Duolingo doesn't accept a different but perfectly correct translation, or even when it only accepts a particular English translation that is very bad. What the heck, I can see that--and if it means I go through the lesson again, I can use the drill. But if I can't trust the German--or what it's telling me is being said in German--I wonder whether I should get away before I am mistaught too much.

Your assistance makes a big difference. Thanks again.


Is this wrong: "It will be played between the end of September and the end of July"?


I don't know if that's correct in english, but it gets to the intention of the german sentence. 'It' is sort of without an own meaning, a little help-word and you could use it in german, too: 'Es wird zwischen... gespielt'. I know there was some rule for this kind of it/es, I just can't recall it right now.


Good job Menschenkind, thx for the help

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