"Maen nhw eisiau tegan."

Translation:They want a toy.

May 27, 2016



As far as I am aware "Mae nhw" means "they" and "Maen nhw" is "they are" so why in this question does it say "Maen nhw" for "they"? Thanks in advance :)

May 27, 2016


mae means 'is' or 'are' , as in mae hi, mae e, mae Siôn, mae'r plant (she is, he is, Siôn is, the children are).

nhw means 'they'.

maen means 'are', but it is used only with nhw (they) - maen nhw (they are)

  • Mae Siôn eisiau tegan - Siôn wants a toy
  • Mae'r plant eisau tegan - The children want a toy
  • Maen nhw eisiau tegan - They want a toy

(As a combination, *mae nhw is not used.)

May 27, 2016
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