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  5. "Mae Môr Iwerydd yn fawr."

"Mae Môr Iwerydd yn fawr."

Translation:The Atlantic Ocean is big.

May 27, 2016



What's the connection between Môr Iwerydd and Iwerddon? How would you say "The Irish Sea"?


Iwerydd and Iwerddon (Ireland) almost certainly have the same historical origins, perhaps connected as well with gwyrdd/gwerdd (green)

  • Môr Iwerydd - The Atlantic Ocean
  • Môr Werddon, y Werddon - The Irish Sea
  • Môr Celtaidd - The Celtic Sea (the part of that Atlantic between Ireland, Wales and SW England)
  • Môr Hafren - The Bristol Channel (between SW England and south Wales, which joins the Severn estuary with the Celtic Sea/Atlantic)

There will be other variants, too!


Can someone unpack this for me grammatically? I realize that is a fairly vague question, but I really don' t get what the individual bits mean. Why does it need 'yn' for instance. I felt like with the weather unit I was starting to get the feel for how to use adjectives in Welsh, but this has thrown me. Diolch!


A note on the uses of yn is here - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13844144

  • mae - is
  • Môr Iwerydd - (the) Atlantic Ocean
  • yn - (just a word to link mae Môr Iwerydd with the adjective mawr - it has no equivalent in English)
  • mawr - big/large (mutation of mawr -> fawr because it follows the linking yn)


Thank you. It wasn't just yn though. It seems like there are several ways to make a sentence with a subject, a form of is and an adjective in Welsh. I just don't really grasp the differences or perhaps I am remembering wrong. There was another in the same lesson that didn't have an yn and was a similar sort of sentence. I think it was something like America is big. I just only had it for the first time this morning, do I don't remember the Welsh sentence.

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The simplest way of saying 'something is adjective' is the above.

eg The dog is big = 'Mae'r ci yn fawr' The car is red = 'Mae'r car yn goch'

Where 'Mae = is', 'r = the'; 'yn' joins the adjective to 'is' and softens the following adjective.

The example you're thinking about is:-

'Cyfandir mawr ydy De America' = 'A big continent is South America' which is transposed to 'South America is a big continent'

The reason for changing the word order is to emphasise the first word or phrase.

Which you would show with intonation in English

'South America is a BIG CONTINENT'

This is not as common as the simple sentence.


I notice that the names of seas and oceans seem not to require the definite article, in contrast to most other languages. Is this a general rule?


With exceptions, as always - see my note above with y Werddon as an option for 'the Irish Sea'.


In this sentence the Atlantic is Môr Iwerydd. The Cymraeg Wikipedia article is Cefnfor yr Iwerydd. Are both forms correct?

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The Atlantic Ocean's official name in Welsh is' Môr Iwerydd'.

Cefnfor is the word for 'an ocean' and so the Wikipedia article is just a literal translation.

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