"Czuję się gorzej niż wczoraj."

Translation:I am feeling worse than yesterday.

May 27, 2016

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Popraw mnie jeżeli nie mam racji, ale czy "czuć się" jest niedokonanym i "poczuć się" dokonanym?


Zgadza się :)

I'd say "niedokonane" and "dokonane" here, with a neuter adjective, as there's no noun that they refer to. Or "czasownikiem niedokonanym/dokonanym".

P.S. As you aren't addressing anyone specific here, 2nd person singular "Popraw" seems a bit surprising, I'd go with plural "Poprawcie".


Why not "I am feeling worse than yesterday"?


It's an oversight, I just reported it and it was corrected.


This tells the same story with embellishment, I feel is proper English


"I feel" works. Or do you mean that it should be the default version?


There are so many ways of making a statement in the states that nothing is really carved in granite. It could be added as a choice but I'm the pupil and this is about me learning. There are so many anomalies in the American English if you adjusted for each one, to some you would be speaking gibberish.

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