How to Learn Irish in Seventeen Steps

Sadly, not a magic recipe, but the title of a short story about a young Brazilian woman who qualified as a teacher in Brazil, but followed her heart to Ireland, and must deal with An Scrúdú le hAghaidh Cáilíochta sa Ghaeilge to continue to teach in Ireland.

The story is in mostly English, and contains some adult language, but illustrates one aspect of the complex position of the Irish language in Irish society today.

Also note that the Irish Times has started to show obnoxious video ads on some pages, so your mileage may vary.

2 years ago


Great little story, but note it is fiction! Naturally, it is modelled around the author's experiences of learning Irish herself after moving (back) from England to teach in Ireland.

2 years ago

[deactivated user]

    This was a touching read. She writes well, and as a non-native Irish citizen struggling to learn the language, I can certainly identify a bit with some of her experiences, myself.

    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this hauntingly beautiful story.

    2 years ago
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