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  5. "Die Uhr ist original."

"Die Uhr ist original."

Translation:The clock is original.

January 27, 2013



Seems to me the sentences are awkward in both languages. "The clock is genuine" makes sense - "Die Uhr ist echt"

I don't know what "Die Uhr ist original." is meant to mean. Neither do I with "The clock is original." but that could be because my poor English.


I thought it means "original" as in "original/unique design", but I am not sure.


I also understand it this way.


I show someone my real Rolex and he answered, this is a fake. Then my answere is "The clock is original!"


I think a more common answer would be "genuine", rather than "original" to indicate something is the actual item and not a fake copy. "Original" would be used more in describing an antique, saying it is really the old item and not a more modern replica.


In English -- you would say this about an antique watch or an expensive name-brand watch. It means it's a real antique watch, or a real name-brand watch, not a fake.


not really. You might say it about an antique. The opposite of original in this context is not fake, but replica. It can also mean unique in some way.


Agreed; I could have been more thorough.

Heck, you also have an genuine, original, antique fake, if it was a fake created around the same time as another more prestigious clock, or at least long enough ago to count as fake. One of the beauties of the Duobot is that you can create all sorts of scenarios and dialogs around the little sentences that it generates.


Am I the only one that keeps thinking Uhr is hour?


You dont use original to describe a clock unless its in reference to a specially designed clock from freakin 200 years ago. "This is the Booglbehimer Clock. The clock is an original, not a fake."


Why can you not say "The Clock/Watch is an original?"?


I used unique and was marked incorrect.


Unique would rather be "einzigartig" (one of a kind).

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