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Switch between language courses FROM (as in instructed in) different languages more easily

Right now I am taking mostly courses from English, and only Catalan from Spanish, but I plan to take more courses from other languages in the future.

Couldn't we have an easier way of switching between all courses one is enrolled to than having to click on "add another course (-> all languages)", find the course and switch? Couldn't we switch between enrolled courses FROM different languages in the same way we switch between enrolled courses FROM the same language?

May 27, 2016



You are not alone in wishing for this.
Some clever people have come up with nifty workarounds, the most comfortable one being the Duolingo Course Switcher, a script you can add to your browser.


It worked perfectly! It would be nicer not to have to trust on foreign scripts, but I also took a quick look over it and it looked inoffensive. Thanks a lot :-)


Glad I could help. Have fun with your language learning!


Wow! SO many thanks! I've seen several user scripts for this but they were not very good and this one is awesome! Thanks again :)


Suggested almost since the first day Duo had another interface than the English one and regularly since then but not (yet) done by Duolingo.
So it's seems they don't want to change their decision of having language interfaces (almost totally) independent either because they don't think it's necessary or because they think it's low priority (partly because there are workarounds) and thus don't allow dev time to it (in order to do things they juge higher priorities).
Therefore I wouldn't hope to much for things to change on this (it's of course, my opinion) and would use any of the methods described here or the userscript mentioned by Tattamin.

Update [2017/05/02]: here a script allowing an easy and quick Switch between courses.


That will be a good idea, and another good idea could be to can delete courses that you've added but you didn't even start.


You can except for the last course in a given interface (=teaching from a given language) that your account may have.
Each interface being independent, once you "activated" one, it needs at least one course.


I am also wishing for this. I'm french native speaker and wanted to learn Danish, which is only available from English (and I'm fine with that), but I now want to improve my Spanish but from French this time, and it gets complicated to switch from one course to another as they are not teached from the same language. I'm using Duolingo on iphone.

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