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"Anh trai của tôi không phải một nghiên cứu sinh lười biếng."

Translation:My brother is not a lazy PhD student.

May 27, 2016



When did this change? It was "my brother is not a lazy researcher" only one month ago. Now it means PhD student???

One can do research without being in a PhD program or even being a student, so if "research" is the actual meaning, then it should be changed back to what it was (at least for the preferred definition).


Nghiên cứu sinh cũng có nghĩa là "postgraduate" phải không?


Yes, nearly like that.


So, a fellow of a society, as in a postgraduate fellowship? In this context, most English speakers would simply see fellow as a synonym for person, guy.


"Research student" is common in the UK to include PhD students and some other students working at a roughly equivalent level. It should be accepted.

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