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  5. "Barnen är tvåspråkiga."

"Barnen är tvåspråkiga."

Translation:The children are bilingual.

May 27, 2016



I put duolingual and it was marked wrong :/


Can it not be - 'The child is bilingual' Since plural of barn is same word....right ?


No, because the definite forms differ:

  • barnet = the child
  • barnen = the children

[deactivated user]

    How to remember tvåspråkiga? Any tip??

    • två = two
    • språk = language
    • -ig = -y

    Hence: tvåspråkig = two-language-y. Or bilingual. The final -a is just the plural form.


    It would be incredibly helpful if Duolingo taught this way. Being asked to memorize complex, compound words would be much easier if I knew what they really meant.

    [deactivated user]

      It helps a lot. Thank you.


      That's a helpful way of explaining how the different parts of the word come together. Thanks!


      I remember it as "two-speaking".


      The "b" in barnen almost sounded like a "v" to me.


      The german counterpart of 'tvåspråkig' is called 'Zweisprachig'.

      Literally it means something like = two-speak + ig suffix It translates to bilingual though.


      Likewise in Dutch: 'tweetalig'. Now for me, the hardest part here is to remember 'bilingual' the english word itself...


      I really wish I had been raised bilingual. These days, it's such an advantage to be able to speak another language fluently. Much more difficult to learn a new language as an adult :(


      So, would it be "Barnet ar tvasprokig" ??? Or is it "tvasprokigt ???


      Oh, because barnet is an ett word? Then would it not have the 't' if it was in a sentence with hon or han (Han are tvasprakig)?


      I'm from Canada which is officially bilingual: English and French. Is Sweden officially bilingual as well? Or do most people just happen to speak English very well? And is English a required subject in school?


      No, no, Sweden doesn't have native English-speaking regions. English is required in school and we only dub things for children so we're exposed to the language a lot - plus it's a fairly closely related one, being Germanic and all.

      We do have several official minority languages: Finnish, Meänkieli, Sámi, Romani Chib, and Yiddish.


      So 6 years ago I went to Sweden and the only Swedish phrase that i spoke in Swedish was: "Finland är ett tvåsprågika land." I think now I could use Swedish better

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