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  5. "She has a firefly."

"She has a firefly."

Translation:Cô ấy có một con đom đóm.

May 28, 2016



I think it's safe to say that I will never forget the Vietnamese word for "firefly."


hahaha, words like đom đóm and đu đủ...I wonder if they choose these words with tongue in cheek. Cheers


Why is there con in this sentance


Con is the classifier for animals. When you say about a specific animal individual or count them, you need to use con. E.g: Tôi có một con cá (I have a fish); Một con đom đóm và một con ong (A firefly and a bee); etc.


the classifier 'con' I think is more than just animals. It is like for anything that moves. For example road, wave, river etc


I strongly agree with ibilinguist. My major complaint and the reason I don't stick with this program is there are so many uncommon words, like Ferris Wheel and Firefly. There are many words I need daily, and they rarely appear, while rarely used words are common.

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