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  5. "Sim, é sério!"

"Sim, é sério!"

Translation:Yes, it is serious!

January 27, 2013



How would one say 'Yes, it's serious! ' ?


The same way. =)


I just realized this translation is a little off. The common meaning for "It is serious" is "It is a gravely serious situation." It's more common to say, "Yes, he is being serious" or in the negative and it's more common opposite, "No, it's not a joke / it's really true."


why couldn't it be on the femenine? Sim é seria. If you don't give more details... I don't see why is it wrong


It should be accepted. If you are talking about a feminine word, like "the message" (a mensagem), you could say "sim, (a mensagem) é séria". Same with "the disease" and "the news" in Portuguese, for example. =)


Would this be used for emphasis in conversation? As in 'Yeah, seriously!'


It could be, although we'd probably just say "Sério!" in that case.

This sentence would more likely be used whenever you could use "Yes, it's serious!" in English. =]


I guess the more common expression in English that I think of is, "Are you serious? / Are you kidding" or "Is that really true?" and those answers....

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