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Is it just me (and my tablet) or is there a bug at the end of testing out sections?

I have been doing the testing out options through my new tree. (I'm doing my reverse tree, English as a French speaker). As I approach the end of the test and I have maybe two questions left, hitting the 'enter' button intermittently causes a dialogue box to pop up with a choice to 'open with: browser/google/duolingo'. Whichever way I get rid of this box doesn't seem to matter, my page is left frozen on 'verifier'. I can open the discussion box, I can open the error box, but I cannot move on and have to reload, and thus I have to start over.

Is it just me or is it my table/browser? (ASUS/Google chrome)

May 28, 2016

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Hi TheM11Mum,

Could you relocate this discussion in the “Troubleshooting" forum? You'll be more likely to find other users with such issue (following any course) and it's the place meant for such discussion. ;) Thx!
To relocate it (\/!\ please, don’t create a new one \/!\), edit your original post then select said forum in the drop-down menu on top-left of the edition area.

Have a look to this short guide to help you knowing where to post your (future) discussions on Duolingo’s forums.


oops, sorry! Haven't used the forum before...

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