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Is Welsh R pronounced like Spanish R?

They sound the same and I have been pronouncing the R as I would with Spanish R kind of rolled. Would people with more experience in Welsh say this was correct or is the sound of the R different in Welsh, maybe unique to Welsh?

May 28, 2016



The Welsh "R" should be trilled like the spanish "r", but if anybody can't then it's fine to pronounce it as an English "r". (http://forvo.com/search/roced/) here is a good example of how the "R" should sound.


So R as in rat, but don't forget that rh is aspirated. Ooh I sound so know it all after just a few lessons!


Hmmm whilst you are correct that the "rh" is aspirated but the English word "Rat" doesn't use the Welsh "R" sound.


I stand corrected, thanks.

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