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  5. "Megan, dw i wedi mynd."

"Megan, dw i wedi mynd."

Translation:Megan, I have gone.

May 28, 2016



Does "I have gone" in this context mean "I have left" or " I have been"? As the verb to go in English can be interpreted in a few different ways, can the same be said for this Welsh word "mynd"?


It could mean either in the correct context:

  • 'Rhaid i ti fynd i'r siop, Siôn.' 'Megan, dw i wedi mynd unwaith yn barod heddiw!' - 'You need to go to the shop, Siôn.' 'Megan, I have already gone/been once today!'

  • 'Bydd rhaid i ti adael erbyn saith, Siôn.' 'Megan, dw i wedi mynd yn barod.' - 'You will need to leave the house by seven, Siôn.' 'Megan, I've already left/gone.'

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Not really 'leave', since there is a seperate verb 'to leave' gadael. So, Megan I have left = 'Megan dw i wedi gadael.

Possibly it could be interpreted as 'been' although 'bod' 'to be' would be better. Megan, dw i wedi bod'


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