"Dw i'n hoffi Abergwaun."

Translation:I like Fishguard.

May 28, 2016

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Does abergwaun translate word for word to fishguard?


No. Abergwaun - where the mouth of the river Gwaun joins the sea.

Some place-names translate, but others are quite different:

  • Caerdydd - Cardiff. (The pronunciations would have been more or less the same a long, long time ago. Caer - fort. -dydd linguistically related to the river Taf)
  • Casnewydd - Newport. ('New' is in common, but cas ≠ port)
  • y Drenewydd - Newtown. (Same meanings)
  • Aberhonddu - Brecon (Brecon from Brycheiniog, a British kingdom in the Early Middle Ages , but Aberhonddu because it is where the mouth of the river Honddu flows into the river Wysg/Usk.)
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