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"They do not support rich people."

Translation:Họ không ủng hộ người giàu.

May 28, 2016



is people plural?


Is 'hỗ trợ' not acceptable here? I thought 'ủng hộ' is more like supporting like a fan of an athlete or sports team. I guess it depends what kind of "support" you are talking about?


Here is another example of the ambiguity of the translation of người. Could this be translated as They do not support the rich person? If not, why not?


I believe that "một" would be required to make it a singular. For a specific person, I think it needs a classifier, but I'm not sure of the correct one for the person entity! Perhaps con, because it's one step more generalised than when talking about a specific person, and con applies to young children as well.


Giầu # giàu (rich) ; Giầu # Lá trầu (Betel).

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