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"Ich will dabei nicht mitmachen."

Translation:I do not want to participate in that.

January 27, 2013



is it dabei because "ich mache bei etwas mit"? If so it's confusing that it's mitmachen bei but teilnehmen an


Yes, that's correct :)


In this exercise, "dabei" looks to be the literal translation of "in that". Could it be as well a literal translation of "there"?


Are mitmachen and teilnehmen considered synonyms?


I don`t want to be part of that. I think that is also possible.


What's wrong with: "I don't want to go along with it." ?


Possibly because your version just means you don't agree to something (going for a meal?), but the original means you don't want to join in something (a football game?)


I got marked wrong for submitting "I do not want to participate". I know there is an additional word in the German ("dabei") that indicates you don't want to participate in something specifically, but the English word "participate" already implies the "in that" part. You can't just blindly participate, you have to participate in something, so adding "in that" is a bit redundant.


I wrote "I don't want to participate with it" Marked correct, but somehow I don't think this is correct English.


I think "I won't participate..." should be accepted. "I won't.." also has the sense of "I don't want to.." or "I refuse to ...", not just simple future.


Sometimes "ich will" has been used archaically to mean "I will," but not here. "I do not want to participate" should, however, be accepted.


I really cannot hear the word "nicht". It's best to pretend I can't listen.

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