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iPhone app does not allow progress to following lesson

I have installed Duolingo app on my iPhone 3gs. I'm learning German, Spanish and Portuguese (from English). When I am at home and use my wi fi Internet connection everything works fine. When I am outside and use the 3g internet connection, the app doesn't save my progress. I finish a lesson, the app congratulates me and gives me lingots, but instead of letting me do the next lesson, it is still blocked. In fact, the button of the lesson successfully completed is not "redo" but "start". When I am at home and finish a lesson everything is fine, and even when I am outside I can see the progress. It's really a bummer because I mainly use the app outside and I can't study this way :/ What should I do? I tried to logout and login again, to reinstall the app but nothing seems to work. Thank you

January 25, 2014



This seems like a connectivity issue :/ Can you make sure that you're connection is working?


When I use my iPhone outside I'm sure the connection is working because I can send emails, browse the Internet etc. Any other app that needs an Internet connection works fine :/

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