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Free Online Course (Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Just found this and it looks good! http://popolskupopolsce.edu.pl/

May 28, 2016



So, wait, hold on a sec, what is the general structure of these lessons? It's all in Polish, even when I press the "switch language to English" button, which I can understand since it's the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but I'm having trouble figuring it out.


I started with looking up some words ... Posl*uchaj = listen Powtórz = repeat Przeczytaj = read Zaznacz = mark napisz = write down

Basically in most of the exercises you have to fill in gaps or bring words/sentences into the right order. When you press the left button, you will see if your answer was right. Just try it. I did not translate everything, after I started the lessons it became more & more clear.


It looks like the langauge setting is stored with a cookie. Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser, at least for that page.


It's really confusing. It doesn't really say what to do. All in Polish. Pronunciation help though.


There's a button to switch to English on the top right....


great, thank you!


You're welcome!


It is really useful! I've had a closer look now: e.g. in the first chapter you will find an overview about how to recognise a word's genus by looking at the ending - both for nouns and adjectives and with the most common exceptions. It seems that beside the exercises this is a useful source for grammar explanations.

I used a dictionary and an online translator for everything I did not know.


This will really help me get better at pronunciation.


I haven't had much of a chance to use it but it looks really useful.


Yeah, it looks likes the Poles have put a lot of effort into this, and it came out looking pretty good.


This is a great resource, thanks for sharing :)


You're welcome! I just stumbled upon it...


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