kadse = katze?

hey, so my friend on facebook (who's a native German speaker) posted a picture of a cat and said "kadse ist nur ein schwarzer haufen" and the only comments were "kadse!!" and "gute kadse" and I understand what the post meant but I've never seen katze spelled kadse? I googled the word and I see pictures of cats and stuff but Google translate doesn't know what it is. I know it means cat but why is it spelled that way?

May 28, 2016


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It is an Internet meme. Not a very popular one I would suppose. It is to say that you can classify animals as either "kadse" or "kefer" or "elepant". If it has hair "kadse", if it does have less or more than four legs it is a "kefer" and the rest is an "elepant". Don't ask me how that came to be. So a dog is a "bellkadse" (bellen is the German word for barking). And a frog is a "springelepant". Or something like that I do not follow such things. Maybe you should ask your friend. He seems to be more acquainted with this.

I hope I could be of help.

PS: I think a human is "denkkadse" or "zweibeinelepant".

PPS: Here is such a "discussion":

May 28, 2016

It's probably supposed to be a German version of lolcat speech. It's not really a thing though.

Its a meme coming from a popular german image board. @person243 explained it already very well ;)

I suppose it's the equivalent of 'doge' to replicate some sort of dog in English. It's just an internet meme I guess.

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