"Kobiety piją piwo."

Translation:The women are drinking beer.

May 28, 2016

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...with a straw


If it's Berliner Weiße (which is quite a girly drink, especially "mit Schuss") that is the normal way to drink it.


"The women are drinking a beer " would suggest that they are sharing one beer.


But if this were intent to be said, I think that it would be appropriate to emphasise that it is one beer.


Yes, it's technically a correct interpretation and we accept it, but "piją jedno piwo (na spółkę)" would be a safer way to say it.

"na spółkę" or more colloquially "na spółę" is a phrase used mostly when two or more people are buying one thing together. In this situation, drinking one beer together.


So, I think it's comparable to the German “in Gesellschaft (eines Freundes, der Familie, etc.)”? It is hard to translate into English, it has to be interpreted somehow. I think the easiest way would be to translate it to “... together with friends, family, etc.” But I see what you mean, so thanks a lot! when this word occurred first to me, it was solely in relation to poltiics and economics, and when I look it up online, this rleation is all that comes up, synonymous to a corporation, an LLC.

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