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  5. "Hun kommer i februar."

"Hun kommer i februar."

Translation:She is coming in February.

May 28, 2016



It would help if I could spell Febrarauray in my own language:D


It doesn't help that we often don't pronounce that first 'r', but try to picture it in your mind as "Fe-bru-ary". If you link the 'b' to the next two letters instead of to the first two letters, it helps. That will help you spell the Norwegian word also since you only need to subract the ending 'y'.


Thank you very much! Learning english as well as Norsk;)


What's your native language?


Can anyone help explain why "She is coming on February" isn't also a correct answer?


In English we come "on" a day, but "in" a month. "She is coming on Monday." or "She is coming on February 17th." is correct in English, but it must be "in February" since we do not know exactly which day.

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