"Sự thật gì?"

Translation:What is the truth?

May 28, 2016


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Since we have had "that" as "really," could this also be the rather philosophical question "What is reality?" or would that be said in a different way?

May 30, 2016


Not exactly, the philosophical term "reality" is translated as thực tế (實際), literally means "real case" (thực is a variety of thật.)

By the way, sự thật (事實) is an old compound from Classical Chinese, not a production of this relatively new method of nominalization following Vietnamese word order.


I would say: what is the reality? This comes close to: what is the fact, the answer that was given to me as a correction to my answer and also close to: what is the truth, as given above.


So I guess "The truth eats what?" is wrong..."thật ăn"... Just a little joke about pronunciation of "thật".

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