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  5. "Masz młodszą siostrę?"

"Masz młodszą siostrę?"

Translation:Do you have a younger sister?

May 28, 2016



Translation: "I like you but I was looking for a newer model."


The Polish phrase does not start with "Czy" - it became a question only after a question mark was added, so the English translation should also have the same structure - no inversion. "You have a younger sister?" should be accepted.


"Czy" is not that needed, but a question without it can suggest that the person is not asking, but is surprised by learning that the interlocutor does have a younger sister. And so does the English sentence sound. (for both of them, a proper intonation would be important, obviously) Therefore it should be accepted, I guess.


A ona jest zajęta?


Small tip: you wouldn't really use 'ona' here, it sounds as if you changed the subject :) It sounds like that:

  • Do you have a younger sister? - Yes, her name is Jenny. - And is SHE (some other girl than Jenny) taken?


So what is the solution? The pronoun is omitted?


Yep. A jest zajęta? or maybe better: (A) Jest wolna? Hm, the best seems to be: „A ma kogoś?”

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