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Vamos falar de gírias?

[deactivated user]

    Hey everyone. My name is Ricart, and i have friends in Brazil. They talk with "gírias" all the time. So, let your slang there to help everybody to learn more about this country.

    May 29, 2016



    I liked this topic, so I'll give you a big list of explanations that I know ;)

    Slangs -

    Falou/Falow (Means Talked, but can be used as Bye too), Cara (Means Face, but can be used as Homie too), Velho/véio (Means Old, but can be used as Dude too), Moleque (Can be used as Kid and Homie), Mano (Homie), Massa (Cool), Eae (Hi), Ei/Ow/Ôu (Hey).

    Common wrong spellings -

    Naum (No), Aff/affs (Humpf), Lecau (Legal - Cool).

    Shortened words -

    Mds (Meu Deus - Omg), Lek (Moleque - See on "Slangs" list), Nda (Nada - Nothing), Vc(s) (Você(s) - You), Ss (Sim - Yes), N/Nn (Não - No), Q (Que - Has several meanings), D (De - Has several meanings), Pq (Por que(ê)/Porque(ê) - Because/Why), Msm (Mesmo - Same/Even), Sqn (Abbreviations of the idiom: Só que não, Can be used as: Just kidding), Flw (Falou/Falow - Bye), Brinks (Brincadeira - Just kidding).

    [deactivated user]

      mano - friend guri - boy guria - girl caô - lie caôzero - liar caba/cabra - any person


      Valeu,vlw(Internet):Thanks If I remember more, I come to comment more


      Não me venha com essa conversa fiada. Don't fool me around

      [deactivated user]

        só o ouro - it's all good


        Tá bom Sounds good


        Tá ligado - ya know what I mean; Eita - expression used to show surprise, used in São Paulo; Cara - dude; Caraca - holy, what the...; My favorite is mermão... a portmanteau (meu + irmão), used in Rio I believe


        "Eita" é usado no brasil inteiro.

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