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Did "another correct solution" go away?

I think since the change to the new design I never saw the "another correct solution" hint that I used to get before when I gave the right answer. I always found this very helpful because even if my answer was acceptable, it would often show a preferable way to express things.

I would love to have this feature back.

January 25, 2014



I don't know if you've already been answered in another post, but the "another correct solution" pops up in the bottom left-hand corner of my page now. Hope this helps. :)


More than three years since your post, and I've got the same problem now (using Firefox on a laptop). I'm working on improving my Greek and now I'm stuck in the (reverse) Greek to English course—no sense continuing without the "Another correct solution" hint since it's really the only way to find out if there is a better answer, a better way to phrase the translation. So right now I'm just trying to figure out what could be causing the problem. Maybe an A/B test? Do you have an idea what could be causing it? Did you ever get this feature back?


No idea why you lost the feature (and whether I lost it, too - I would have to do some lessons first to find out), but yes, it came back and I haven't noticed it going away again since then.


Well, at least there's some hope of it coming back... Do you remember how long it took in your case?

It doesn't seem like anyone else is having this problem right now, at least I couldn't find anything on the forum except for your post here. You did get seven upvotes (+ an eight one from me), but who knows from when these are. I mentioned the problem in passing in another discussion yesterday, but didn't really get any reactions, i.e. nothing along the lines of "Hey, I've got the same problem!" Anyway, thanks for responding so quickly.


I can only imagine it's all part of the major overhaul to the server that is being done by Duo. Let's hope it's all back soon.

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