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  5. "Cái điện thoại"

"Cái điện thoại"

Translation:The telephone

May 29, 2016



From 電話, lit. ‘electric speech:

  • Mandarin: diànhuà
  • Cantonese: Cantonese dihn wá
  • Taiwanese Hokkien: tiān-uē

This term was actually coined in Japanese, using Sino-Japanese pronunciation, as denwa (unaccented).


Looks like people had telephones 1000 years ago. :)


Isn't it 电台?


No, 臺 is đài. The consonant of thoại (話) is irregular.


Not exactly: 电 is the Simplified version of 電, but 話 has a different Simplified form. 台 means ‘platform’, if I remember correctly.


电台 = radio station 台 is the simplified form of 臺 / 颱 / 檯

The simplified form of 話 is 话


Does anyone notice that some of the pronunciation is off? I was over in Vietnam last year and my friend was teaching me a little bit. She pronounced the word điện totally different. I've seen some people complaining about grammar here as well, but has anyone else run into this?


There are four different dialects of which northern and southern are the most important to distinguish. I think Duolingo teaches the northern Hanoi dialect.


Is "cái điện thoại" a common translation for "the telephone", or is it specific f.i. for landline phones? Do you translate differently when you mean a cellphone?


Mobile/cell phone is "điện thoại di động" or "di động" (from 移動)


Thanks! You answered my question before I could ask :)


Do you know an american or an english peaple who still says a telephone ? No, the most used word is "phone". So why the answer "phone" is wrong for you? By the way, in Vietnam my students use phone or computer more than cái điện thoại or cai may tinh

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