"Zij heeft taalkunde gestudeerd."

Translation:She has studied linguistics.

2 years ago



I often find that breaking words down can help me to understand them, and i almost feel like I can do that with "taalkunde" because I see "taalk", even though I don't think I've seen it on Duolingo so far, vaguely resembles the English "talk", or maybe it's "taal" (language)? But I can't figure out the second part. Could somebody give me a hand here?

1 year ago

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Hi John,

Definitely, this is one of those cases when breaking down the word helps to figure out their meaning:

taal= language

kunde= knowledge, science

So, it's the 'science/knowledge of language'.

... And once again: Dutch is such a sensible language when it comes to word formation <3

1 year ago
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