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"Você pra mim é como caspa, não sai da minha cabeça."

Translation:To me you are like dandruff, you don't get out of my head.

January 25, 2014



Pretty sure you don't want to compare a girl to dandruff...


and three lingots to you sir, for preventing 23098 guys on here from running out and trying that! haha


My suggestion sounds more correct:

You are like dandruff to me, I can't get you out of my head.

CORRECT SOLUTION: To me you are like dandruff, you don't get out of my head.

This lesson is very weird because you have to spell it out in bad english to get any points. I have failed it maybe eight times, even though I have understood everything.

Is this reportable?


Indeed (by the way, I think this sentence useless...I'd never use it.


Agreed. I know I never will either.


I said the exact same thing and yes I reported it.


Yes, this entire lesson needs reworking.

I went through it at least six or seven times before scraping by with enough hearts to pass. Not because I had trouble understanding, but simply because my translations were not accepted (even though what I entered was a more typical way of saying things than the "correct" answer).

Feels like it was hastily slapped together, or translated by someone who is not a native English speaker.

Very frustrating!

Besides being mostly unusable, I think the main problem is that most of the English translations are not really how we would say it. And when you enter a translation worded in a way that we actually might say, it is marked as incorrect.


Me too! It's absolutely ridiculous. This is something like my fifth go-round.


"You are like dandruff to me, you don't leave my head." Should be correct as a translation.

This entire unit needs to be re-worked. It is horribly frustrating, tacky, and useless.

Someone tell me if I am wrong and one of these lines actually work.


What kind of crappy sentence is this...?


Also, the worst pick up line possible. I can only imagine her face of disgust.


I can't use this one, but the "if I could see you naked..." line is definitely staying in my vocabulary


General rule..don't compare your possible partner to dandruff or a rash


god, dulingo, test things before sharing with poeple!


Unlike dandruff though, you won't need a special medicine to get rid of a girl with this line.


This is the worst unit I have seen in duolingo. The "correct" English translations are much too literal so reasonable answers are not accepted. The basic idea of presenting idioms is good! but this lesson needs to be rewritten or discarded.


Chill out guys! the lesson is just for fun - you wouldn't use most of these in English either would you?

but yeah not getting through because it's clumsy English isn't so great


My Spanish teacher in high school would often say "el ingles es loco".


Is "pra" a mistake? I have never seen it before. It sounds like it should be "para."


It's an informal contraction of ‘para’. Example: ‘Vem pra mim.’


oo000oo I like that last phrase

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