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  5. "Nothing is happening here."

"Nothing is happening here."

Translation:Nic się tutaj nie dzieje.

May 29, 2016



Word order is really confusing to me. Is it more important to have "nie" next to the verb rather than "się"? And "tutaj" can be at the end or in the middle, but "tu" can only be in the middle?


"Się" can sometimes be really far from its verb, but 'nie' should keep close. As for 'tu', it can be at the beginning (Tu jesteś bezpieczna), in the middle, I don't know about the final position, apart from such 'short sentences' as "Chodź tu!" (I recently noticed that 2-3 word sentences may break some rules about usual usage of grammar, like the one about not putting 'cię' at the end of the sentence)


Thanks. I will keep trying to understand correct word order.


What about 'Nic nie dzieje się tutaj'?


We are not very keen on putting 'tutaj' at the end of the sentence, although it usually is accepted... but here? "Nothing is going on HERE (but many interesting things happen in all the other places)" - seems really surprising.


How come people say to dogs, cats etc. Chodz tutaj, with tutaj at the end? is that just slang and not correct?


I think it must be acceptable at the end because there are only two words in that sentence.


"Nic się tu nie dzieje."? I was marked wrong and the proposed answer was "Tu się nic nie dzieje." Can someone explain?


"Nic się tu nie dzieje" sounds perfectly natural and is among the accepted answers. Looks like a bug.


I confused myself from Russian again. :-(

Niczego tu nie dzieje się. --marked wrong


In the comments for a different question using the same sentence, you said that "się" would still sound natural coming after "tutaj". Here, my answer of "Nic tutaj się nie dzieje" was marked wrong though.


Nic şie nie tu dzieje?


It's like "Nothing is happening not-here". You negated "here".

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