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  5. "A coffee mug"

"A coffee mug"

Translation:Một cái ca cà phê

May 29, 2016



Somehow I don't like the translation for mug. In my opinion the vietnamese word for mug is "cái cốc". For me "cái ca" is a pitcher. Correct me if I am wrong :)


You are a stranger


Cái ca "the mug" is bigger than cái tách (the cup) and cái ly (the glass). We don't use this sentence "một cái ca cà phê "a mug of coffee". But we used một tách cà phê (a cup of coffee) or một ly cà phê (a glass of coffee, that Saigonese and southern Vietnamese like to drink a glass of coffee because it's traditional and culture of southern vietnamese)


Simple this sentence: một ca trà đá "a mug of iced tea"


I love-hate this language.


Would một ca cà phê also be acceptable since this is not about a specific mug and thus, there would be no need for a classifier?


How does the 'cái' come into this sentence?


It's a classifier (used before things, I think). Similarly, "con" is a classifier used for animals. It doesn't really have any meaning, it's just something Vietnamese seems to like doing to better identify or classify things.


That Vietnamese does not use articles.


Không ai dùng từ " A coffee mug = một ca cà phê " nên dùng : " a coffee cup = một tách cà phê"


"A cup of coffee" có được không bạn


How do you distinguish between a full and an empty mug? In English we have a mug of coffee ( full) and a coffee mug ( a mug for drinking coffee). In Vietnamese?


So, Một cái ca cà phê doesn't mean A mug of coffee ?


A mug of coffee is NOT equal to A coffee mug


It didn't correct my incorrect use of accents


We must drink coffee in a mug ( incorrect)


Thực tế mình chưa thấy ai dùng "ca cà phê" cả, nên dịch là "cốc cà phê"


So we can't say in English the words to, two,too sound same but have different meaning. Who knows the word no in another language may mean something else you are studing vietnamese so u have to go by what they say on definition. All words in other languages may spell the same in other languages but have differemt meaning and may be spelled with accent matks that make the meaning different

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