"Dziewczynki pracują szybko."

Translation:The girls work quickly.

May 29, 2016

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Why not "Dziewczynki szybko pracują" as adverbs do not like to be placed at the end of the sentence?


To jest za szybko - would this be correct?


As "This is too fast"? Grammatically should be ok, but something's off here, although I cannot pin what. Could you provide some context? Because I cannot think of an exact situation when I could use that.

"To się dzieje za szybko" would mean "This is happening too fast", for example.


Thank you for your quick response.

As in: This is too fast, I don't understand anything. Please say it again more slowly.


I think I would either use "za szybko" without any 'to jest', or specify what exactly is too fast: "Mówisz za szybko". In this precise context, rather the second option.


Thank you for clarifying!


Quick question: the course has so far not covered "się". When i put it into Google translate it returns "himself". Does the context change the meaning of się?


Yes, it changes it a lot. It's a reflexive pronoun. Maybe just have a look here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/si%C4%99

A lot of verbs wouldn't be really considered reflexive, but either would chnge the meaning or would not make sense without "się".


Hello Jellei, Isn't it more appropriate to use cziewczyni here? Since you are not talking about little girls, but probably older ones?


Pracować doesn't necessarily imply employment, the girls could just as well be mowing the lawn in grandma's back yard.


Why don't you accept 'the girl works fast'?


It needs girls plural


Why isn't szybko before the verb pracują ?


The new information (comment) is put after the old information (topic). While the adverb usually doesn't go at the end, in this context it's more probable to assume that you're talking about girls who are working (topic) and then add the information that they are doing it quickly (comment), in my opinion.

However, the word order where szybko is put second is accepted as well.


I was under the impression "prac" was related to paid work/employment - I'm guessing that was incorrect, and it is more general, as this sentence has "dziewczynki" (small/young girls) doing the work?


Yes, they can be just working in their garden or their parents garden. It doesn't have to be something paid.


The girls are working fast! -- should be ok!?


Yes, it should be.

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