"This hat doesn't fit me."

Translation:Este sombrero no me queda bien.

January 27, 2013

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The exact same sentence with "pantalónes" instead of "sombrero" was fine when I translated it as "Estos pantalónes no me quedan", but now it asks for "bien" at the end although nothing has changed?!


Works without bien, 07/04/2014. Thanks to whoever reported this.


Este sombrero no me queda is now accepted


Yeah this is unfair this one. Bien is not implied. I also can't understand why it's queda when sombrero is masculine. Shouldn't/couldn't it be Quedo?


Verbs don't change for gender. Only nouns and adjectives do. The -a ending on queda (inf. quedar) means that it applies to either him, her, it or you (formal), in this case being "it" (the hat). "Quedo" would mean "I stay/I fit"


Why can't we omit "bien"?

este sombrero no me queda


I hope someone else will give their more experienced opinion but what I have found so far is that quedan isn't used on its own to mean 'fit'. What I did find is tht queda bien is idiomatic and means "to fit/to suit" and not necessarily includes 'well'.


"No queda me" is incorrect, but I'm not sure why.

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