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  5. "Zehn, sieben, neun"

"Zehn, sieben, neun"

Translation:Ten, seven, nine

May 29, 2016



Again, I know my pronunciation of these numbers is correct.


Duo's speech recognition of numbers doesn't have the best reputation. But there's nothing the German course maintainers can do about it so there's not much point in mentioning it in the comments.

Better to contact the Duolingo developers directly, but I'm not sure whether they even developed it or just bought something from another company over which they have no control, either.


> Better to contact the Duolingo developers directly

You mean someone in the chain? Reaching out to some programmer directly might be not really effective.

Better to use "report a problem", and maybe some whining on the forum. I suppose developers have a list of tasks on their hands, and even 0.01% of users can overwhelm devs with feedback.

Thus they have a structured "report a problem" pipeline and, maybe, some sort of "community ambassador"s that monitor forums to know what's up.


The only problem with the pronunciation could be the z. It's a very very very strong sound.
Even harder than ts in cats...

The translation is correct.


I agree that Duo's pronunciation and translation is correct. My native German speaking friends always comment on my perfect pronunciation. It's just a function of these number drills. They always reject pronunciation.


Numbers speech recognition is a bit off. First speech recognition question I've run into any issues with.


I note the comments regarding pronunciation, but should "Zehn" really have two syllables?

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