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Ultimate Time Boost!!! [Timed Practice]

I was doing the timed practice, and after answering a question correctly, it gave me a crazy time extension! I have no idea how it happened.

Browser: Firefox 25.0 OS: Fedora Linux 19


January 25, 2014



I've had this happen too, although it was a while back and I was using an external script that let me check my missed answers. I wasn't aware it had happened to anybody else; so thanks for screenshotting it.

Have you filed a ticket on the support tab on the side of your screen? If not, try to do so, and make sure to include your screen shot.

You also might want to move this to troubleshooting, so that the people on the technical end of the site can see it easier. If you need it, this post tells you how to move posts: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1254215.

Edit: I thought I'd add, to put a screenshot in your post type "! [ alt text ] ( Image Url )" without any of the spaces (except for the one between alt and text) or quotes and it should work. This image demonstrates it:

alt text


The image inserting thing does not seem to be working quite right.


Sorry, its because I left out the exclamation mark in my post, it should work now.

Note: I've also included a screen shot


Oh, thanks! That's a cool thing to know how to do.


For a comrehensive overview of formatting text, see number 10 on the New User FAQ (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1426103).


It happened again today. This time it happened toward the end. Next time I'll try to note which type of question it messes up on.

The error continues


It always seems to be somewhere within 23 million minutes.


This happens from time to time. The first time it happened to me I think it gave me and hour. xD

PS yes is definitely a glitch.

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