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  5. "Die Hüte sind aus Leder."

"Die Hüte sind aus Leder."

Translation:The hats are made of leather.

January 25, 2014



last time I've seen "aus Leder", I put "of leather" and it corrected me saying that it should be "from leather". Now I put "from leather" and it corrects me saying "of leather". Any clarifying? English native-speakers?


In English "The hat is made of leather" and "The hat is made from leather" would both be perfectly fine. There is perhaps a very tiny distinction between them in that "made of" is really describing what the object is composed of, and "made from" is more describing where the material is from, with a slight emphasis on the manufacture of the item. Does that make any sense? But it's such a tiny distinction you could use either without any issues.


I might say that gelatin is made from bones, soup is made with bones, and my knife handle is made of bone. Gelatin has no actual bones in it, but is derived from bones. Soup might have bones, among other ingredients. The knife handle might be made out of a section of bone.

If my tie is essentially a piece of leather that is folded and sewn in place, I'd say that it's made of leather. I could say that it's made from leather, and people would know what I mean and not consider it wrong. If something is a composite of multiple items, I might be more likely to use "from" but it's not a hard and fast rule.


Is it me or Hüte here doesn't sound like it?


Me too. Is sounds like "die Rüte", not "die Hüte" to me.


LOL, it said to type what I hear -- but what I hear is apparently not what "she" says. "Hute"? really? Not close imo


Doesn't sound like an "H" at all.


it's not "Hute" but "Hüte", which sounds quite different.


I am sorry. Still working on umlauts on my phone. It seems I am not as smart as it is :0 It sounded not like either Hute or Hüte , but thank you for the reply. I still think Duolingo should change instruction from "type what you hear" to "type what we think/hope you hear"


Well, maybe it's not what you think "Hüte" should sound like, but for me (native speaker) it definitely sounds like "Hüte".


sounds good to me, she just makes a strange pause between die + Hüte.


Was also marked wrong for saying "from" leather.


+1 for me it sounds like Ruete, however i know for sure it should be Huete =)


What is the exact meaning of "aus"


here: "made out of"


Getting tired of these implied "mades" with "aus". "The hats are of leather", while being antiquated English sentence structure, still makes sense. I get that its the same thing, but I dont feel I need to remember to put in extra English words into a translation when the literal translation makes perfect sense.


Because "aus" requires Dative case, if it was red leather the hats were made of, one would say "Die Hüte sind aus roten Leder." correct?


It would be "... aus rotem Leder". The -n ending is for dative plural (or the weak declension for dative singular, used after dem, einem and similar der- and ein-words, e.g.: "ich komme aus einem schönen Land").


Is there a difference in the way one says 'die Hüte' (hats), and 'die Hütte' (hut)? I didn't hear much difference when I looked them up on-line. Danke!


Short (‘Hütte’) versus long (‘Hüte’) ü; same kind of difference that there is between ‘hit’ and ‘heat’ in English, but with pursed lips. If you listen to them one right after the other you'll start hearing it.


Leder is leather is that right


Can't it also mean "the leather hats"


Who speaks like that?

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