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  5. "When do you read the book?"

"When do you read the book?"

Translation:Khi nào bạn đọc quyển sách?

May 30, 2016



Why is "khi náo" at the beginning of some sentences and at the end of others when they both seem to translate to the same English question??


Not sure. Never explained in this course.


Does "Bạn đọc quyến sách khi nao?" mean the same?


That is what I put for my answer, and Duo said it was correct.


Could this not be Các bạn đọc sách khi nào? What's the difference between this and Khi nào bạn đọc quyển sách?


First, các bạn is plural, not singular. Đọc sách just mean to read books in general. If you add the classifier quyển, you mean a particular book: the book. And you can choose if you prefer khi nào at the beginning or at the end of the sentence, as long as you don't want to give a past tense touch, in which case you better put it a the end.


Hot hit master girl. Lingot to you!!!


Is 'nào' required here? or can it just be 'khi bạn ....'


khi = when as in "at that time."

khi nào = when as in "at which time or at whichever time." So it is used to ask questions or in place of "whenever." Nào is sort of the "ever" of "khi" (when).

Note that we can say "whenever you're ready, come to see me" or "when you're ready,.." so both khi and khi nào can be used here as well.


So when khi is used alone, it is always a subordinate clause? (I even accidentally used it in this sentence that way :) ) When I read, I keep the light on, or I usually go play soccer when it is sunny. situations like that?


Yes, it's required here. The whole khi nào is equal to when.


i couldn't do it since the update


Can "Chung nao" replace "Khi nao"?


So I used cuốn sách and it marked it wrong. I don't think so.


I was surprised nhung was not necessary to pluralize.

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