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"Do you want to live in Switzerland?"

Translation:Bạn có muốn sống ở Thuỵ Sĩ không?

May 30, 2016



Why is there a full stop in Thuy. Sĩ?


If you're wondering about the dot, I think it's an accent mark, not a period. If you're talking about the audio, then I'm not sure.


Its Thụy Sĩ but DL writes it wrong.


Why would nước Thuỵ Sĩ be incorrect?


There's a standard orthography to the placement of tones. I don't know the rules but I've never seen -uy with the tone on the y. I think the y operates as the exit phone and thus the tone marker should be displayed on the core phone. Sorry, I don't know the correct terminology!


Is there any reason this could not end with u, rather than khong?


ư and không do indicate interrogation. However, with "ư", you demonstrate a (very) surprising manner to your question while "không" is for regular interrogation.


I see, so "Do you want to live in Antarctica?" might be u.


Yes and no. It depends on the context, not the content. You can ask something which may be considered incredibly unbelievable but it's up to the conversation and the speakers to determine whether they are surprised or not.


We use "Ư" if the yes/no question is in negative form. Có muốn gặp anh ấy không? Do you wanna meet him? Không muốn gặp anh ấy ư (à)? Don't you wanna meet him?


What is different between "Thụy and Thuy." Should be fix it.

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