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"Das Münster"

Translation:The minster

January 27, 2013



Münster is a nearly irrelevant word in the german language.


No, it's around. In Zurich, for instance, are Grossmunster and Fraumunster. It's the word "minster," in English, that is rare.


Are these place names or words used in the daily language?


They are churches. We do have the equivalent word in English--e.g., Westminster Cathedral--though I can't recall ever seeing "minster" by itself. My understanding is that the English word "minster" is derived from "monastery." I'm guessing the German word is too. Grossmunster was associated with a monastery; Frauminster with a convent.


Would I be laughed at if I referred to a cathedral in Germany as a Münster?


I couldn't say. People generally laugh at me, regardless, when I try to speak German.


I (as a German person) really had to look it up. I know the German city Münster, but I have never heard of the word itself. There are other words like "der Dom" or "die Kirche" that would make more sence, if you want to talk about churches. But I also like to learn new things!

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