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"The landscape in Poland is beautiful."

Translation:Krajobraz w Polsce jest piękny.

May 30, 2016



I started wit the place Polsce then the krajobraz because for a previous question I was told to put the place first and then the thing you are saying about it afterwards. Why is it wrong this time


That sounds like you're talking about a sentence constructed in English like "There is a thing in the location", those start with the location in Polish.

This is a simple sentence "A thing is adjective" - "Krajobraz w Polsce" is the subject of the sentence, it definitely goes first.


Understood. subject first, then place then action orstatement


I made the same mistake thanks for asking the question


Krajobraz Polski jest piękny. Why no correct?


OK, that's almost the same (although technically "The landscape of Poland"). Let's add it.

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