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  5. "Would you prefer to stay?"

"Would you prefer to stay?"

Translation:Fasai'n well gyda ti aros?

May 30, 2016



I spelt it out as 'fasai hi'n' but was marked as wrong - does it always have to be contracted because of the last vowel in 'fasai'?


Thank you for the comment. No, fasai hi'n... is fine and it has now been added to the database, although it may take a little while for the change to appear.


Many thanks again


I wrote 'fasai'n well gyda ti aros' and it was marked wrong? ?


Fasai'n well gyda ti aros is definitely one of the preferred answers in the database.

We have noticed that Duo has sometimes been getting a bit fussy over capital letters recently, which wasn't the case in the past. You may need to be careful about that until the possible bug in the system is fixed.


Ah... Ok.. I will henceforth capitalize. :) All of Duo was a bit strange yesterday, sluggish and capricious.


I got this as a translate from Welsh to English. Could you also translate this as "Would you rather stay"? At least in the US, "rather" is commonly used over "prefer", especially when there is only one choice being offered (indicating that the person may have a preference that is contrary to what is currently happening).

For instance, I might be equally likely to ask someone if they would prefer going to a movie or staying home as I would to ask them if they would rather go to a movie or stay home. But, if I'm getting ready to go to a movie, I'd ask my son if he'd rather stay home (contrary to what I am doing); likewise, if I'm making a pot of coffee, I would ask if anyone would rather have tea (contrary to the coffee that is being made).

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