"Jag älskar regn!"

Translation:I love rain!

May 30, 2016



I think this is another instance where the two languages differ slightly, where we would use the definitive. I love the rain, Would be my natural way of saying this, and should be included.

November 24, 2017


I am a native English speaker and saying "I love rain" is quite natural for me. However, with this Swedish language course, I have found that it is best to use the literal translation. Regn= rain whereas "the rain"= regnet. This slight, but important variation, changes the structure of the entire sentence. Jag alskar regn= I love rain. That seems like a complete sentence that doesn't require more questions to figure out the meaning. Jag alskar regnet= I love the rain. This is open to interpretation...what do you love about the rain? The sound? The feeling? The smell? The effect rain has on the/your environment? Swedish is the most logical language I have studied. It is also possible that I am complicating a simple translation. Happy New Year and Happy Learning.

January 9, 2018
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