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  5. "Ich wurde krank."

"Ich wurde krank."

Translation:I became sick.

January 26, 2014



I am not a native German speaker. I think "Ich wurde krank" means I became ill and "Ich war krank" means I was ill. But don't take my word for it!


No. I will give an example. Let's say this person was ill for seven days. Were this the case, then 'I was ill' would refer to the whole week or to any time during the week. 'I became ill', on the other hand, would refer to the exact moment this person caught the illness.


You got this sentence at level 9, how is this possible?!


what on earth is wrong with I was ill?


"I became ill" is about the moment in time in which I got sick. "I was ill" is about any time in which I was sick.


there's a suggestion as wurde to got rid of would that be right?


Is there a difference between "I became sick" and "I got sick" in German? Or is it all the same?


Is there a difference in English?


Yes, there may be considering idioms. I think one may sometimes suggest throwing up.


Why not "I turned sick"?


Not in English. ;)


I don't think I've ever heard "I turned sick."


Or "I took sick" in the south ;)

(Actually, I've only heard that once in my entire life outside of grammar books' telling me not to say it).


I'm wondering if "Ich wurde krank" can mean both "I became sick" and "I was getting sick" - because "Wir wurden müde" is translated by Duolingo as "We were getting tired" .

In English, "I was getting sick" means something different than "I became sick." The first refers more to the development of the illness, while the second could simply be stating that I got sick (it had already happened).


Interesting in this section. You got sick but I became sick as two translation from Duolingo. any reason why?

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