"Dw i ddim eisiau gwisgo cot."

Translation:I don't want to wear a coat.

May 30, 2016



I know I should have asked this previously but is "eisiau" pronounced (English phonetics) "eis-i-eye" or eish-eye"? The example given is different when it's the world alone compared to when it's spoken in the sentence.

May 30, 2016

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Si in Welsh usually gives you the 'sh' sound, so 'eisiau' should be 'aye-shy' in its standard pronunciation.

May 30, 2016


eisiau is one of those words which has a number of pronunciations, so much so that its 'standard' pronunciation is not often heard! /isha/, /isho/, /ishe/ are all common.

With another very common example, the possessives ei, eu are often pronounced simply as /i/.

May 30, 2016
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