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Danish films

Susanne Bier - In a better world - Hævnen ~ Drama

Susanne Bier - After the weding - Efter brylluppet ~ Drama

Susanne Bier - Love is all you need - Den skaldede frisør ~ Romantic comedy

Susanne Bier - Open hearts - Elsker dig for evigt ~ Drama

Anders Thomas Jensen - Adam's apples - Adams æbler ~ Black comedy

Lasse Spang Olsen - Old men in new cars - Gamle mænd i nye biler ~ Black comedy

Lasse Spang Olsen - In China they eat dogs - I Kina spiser de hunde ~ Black comedy

Anders Thomas Jensen - The green butchers - De grønne slagtere ~ Comedy

Thomas Vinterberg - The hunt - Jagten ~ Drama

Susanne Bier - Brothers - Brødre ~ Drama

Thomas Vinterberg - Submarino - Submarino ~ Drama

Thomas Vinterberg - The celebration - Festen ~ Drama

Tobias Lindholm - A war - Krigen ~ War drama

Gabriel Axel - Babette's feast - Babettes gæstebund ~ Drama

Nikolaj Arcel - A royal affair - En kongelig affære ~ History drama

Henrik Ruben Genz - Terribly happy - Frygtelig lykkelig ~ Mystery drama

Anders Thomas Jensen - Men & Chicken - Mænd & høns ~ Comedy Drama

Mike Magidson - Inuk - Inuk ~ Adventure drama

Nils Malmros - Sorrow and joy - Sorg og glæde ~ Drama

Tobias Lindholm Noer - R - R ~ Prison drama

Martin Zandvliet - Land of mine - Under sandet ~ WW2 Drama

Nicolas Winding Refn - Pusher - Pusher ~ Crime

Michael Noer - NorthWest - Nordvest ~ Action drama

Per Fly - The Bench, The inheritance, The manslaughter -Denmark trilogy: Bænken, Arven, Drabet ~ Drama

Lone Scherfig - Italian for beginners - Italiensk for begyndere ~ Romantic comedy

Ole Christian Madsen - Flame and Citron - Flammen og Citronen - Drama/History/Thriller

Kristian Levring - The Salvation - Drama/Western

Erik Balling - The Olsen Gang in Jutland - Olsen Bandsen i Jylland - Comedy/Crime

May 30, 2016



as a Mads Mikkelsen fan, I've seen a lot of these lol. Men and Chicken (Mænd og Høns) is another good Anders Thomas Jensen one!


Now is on the list.:)


I am a Mads Mikkelsen fan, too. What's your favourite film by MM? Mine are Open hearts and After the wedding. I have heard of Men and chicken, but forgot to list it. Thanks for that one!


It's gotta be The Green Butchers. I love that sort of humor. Not a film but I also loved him in Hannibal!!


Pusher II with Mads.....don't forget Arctic (when it comes out!) also with Mads.....


Not in Danish, but MM in Valhalla Rising is an experience not to be missed ♥


"Festen" is amazing.


I bought "A royal affair"... but then I shut it off before the end. I didn't want sad, bad things to happen! I need to be brave and rewatch the whole thing.


Great film with a very sad ending, indeed. Thanks for sharing this with us!


I watched the last hour about 10 minutes at a time on different days. It was so hard to get through all that sadness, but I didn't want to leave the movie unfinished, since it was so good!


Here are some other good ones

Tobias Lindholm/Michael Noer - R (prison drama)

Martin Zandvliet - Under sandet - Land of mine (WW2 drama)

Nicolas Winding Refn - Pusher trilogy (crime drama)

Michael Noer - Nordvest (action drama)

Per Fly - Denmark trilogy: Bænken, Arven, Drabet - The Bench, The inheritance, The manslaughter (drama)

Lone Scherfig - Italiensk for begyndere - Italian for beginners (romantic comedy)


Thanks for these six films! I will put them on the list.


I just got back from Copenhagen, and there I got into watching kids' movies (there seem to be versions med dansk tale of all the major kids' releases). Disney's Frozen in Danish feels so right that in my head it's now the original language for the movie. I saw the new movie Den Lille Prins in the theater, and it was awesome. There are Danish-language versions of Toy Story, Ice Age, Lilo and Stitch, and more. Now that I'm back in the US, I'm definitely going to be looking for how to find these here.


I've been trying to find Danish dubs for Disney movies for a while now with no success. Especially Monsters Inc. and Lilo & Stitch. If you're able to find them in the US let us know!


I have a couple of other great Danish movies:

Ole Christian Madsen - Flammen og Citronen(Flame and Citron) - Drama/History/Thriller

Kristian Levring - The Salvation - Drama/Western

Erik Balling - Olsen Bandsen i Jylland(The Olsen Gang in Jutland) - Comedy/Crime(In my opinion that's the best Olsen gang movie)


Thank you so much, I will add these films to the list.


My favourite danish movies are, so far : - Kapgang directed by Niels Arden Oplev - Adams æbler directed by Anders Thomas Jensen - Jagten directed by Thomas Vinterberg - Hævnen directed by Susan Bier

I also can't wait to watch "Så længe jeg lever" a movie about one of my favourite danish singer which is John Mogensen! But I have a hard time to find it :(


I've heard of 'A war'. It's looks quite good, it's a war drama.


Tak! Thanks!

I will add it to the list.


super, mange tak for dem!!!


Land Of Mine is one of the best anti-war films I've ever seen!

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