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  5. "Gaeth hi ei thalu ddoe."

"Gaeth hi ei thalu ddoe."

Translation:She was paid yesterday.

May 30, 2016



it would be nice to drop a comment about the soft mutation and if it is north or south welsh

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Briefly, the mutation after 'her' is the rarest one, the aspirate one, which adds an 'h' to 'C', 'T' or 'P'

Much more detail is to be found in the coursebook, chapter 11 which can be accessed online at:- https://cls.byu.edu/welsh/BYU_Cwrs_Sylfaen.html


The system of mutations does not really vary between the 4-5 main dialects of Welsh. There are some variations in the degree of use of some mutations, but that can vary as much by the age of the speaker as by their usual dialect.

Another factor is the register of language. Sometimes people stick to the the standard mutation rules in more formal writing and speech but drop some of them in informal situations. On the whole, register is probably a more important factor in language variation in Welsh than dialect.

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