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  5. "Aunt has an umbrella."

"Aunt has an umbrella."

Translation:Dì có một cái ô.

May 30, 2016



As a Vietnamese. I certain "umbrella" means "cái ô" or "cái dù"


So what exactly does "cai" mean if "o" already means umbrella?


Cai is just a classifier. I think it's mainly there just for grammer's sake. This is just a guess, so take my word with a grain of salt.


in english i would say "my aunt has an umbrella" or "aunt an has an umbrella".


In Vietnamese, we call all ladies around our mom's age "aunt." She may not necessary be "my aunt." This causes a complication because from the sentence above, I can't tell whether it's a direct or indirect address. If it's a direct address, then the translation is "You have an umbrella" but if it's indirect, then "she/the lady has an umbrella."


i have many questions: if this a direct address, i could say "bạn có một cái ô." instead right? do you also call men your fathers age "uncle"? and would you say to them "chú có một cái ô."?


Bạn = friend. So it's used for people around your age. You should call the ladies around your parents' age dì or cô. So it would still be "dì có một cái ô." Yes, you would say "chú có một cái ô."


so the word for "you" changes based on who you're talking to?


Though Dì is only ever used with family members who are legitimately your aunt. For woman that age, Cô is accepted


I think that the word Mot is not needed because you are talking about one umbrella and not two

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