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"He wants that we use the car more."

Translation:Ele quer que nós usemos mais o carro.

January 27, 2013



In this case, the subject "nós" is omitted, what is very common in Portuguese. By the way the verb is conjugated, you can conclude the subject is "nós", so it would be correct to say "Ele quer que nós usemos mais o carro.", hope it helps!


´he wants that we use the car more´ sounds very bad in English. It´s just a literal translation of the Portuguese sentence, and it doesn´t work. It should be ´he wants us to use the car more´. I have reported it.


I wrote "Ele quer que NOS usemos mais o carro", is that a mistake on my part or should my answer have been accepted? Genuinely curious!


If you write "nós" (with the accent), then it's correct.


Why usemos and not usamos? Trying to understand the "tence" being used. Cheers


Here it is the present subjunctive of usar- because we are expressing his wish, therefore we have to use the subjunctive (he is only wishing us to use the car more, technically we are not actually using the car more, which is why it cannot be the indicative 'usamos'- has to be subjunctive)


Thanks for that great explanation, clears my miss understanding right up :) cheers

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