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"After getting advice"

Translation:Ar ôl cael cyngor

May 31, 2016



Cael means had. Then why here it means getting?


cael has several meanings, including 'getting/having' and 'being allowed to'. See its entry in the on-line dictionary www.gweiadur.com which includes a large number of expressions in which it is used.


Forvo pronounciation example pronounces 'cyngor' as 'cyn' then 'gor' rather than as the softer digraph here (cy - ng - or) - presumably because the word is made up of 'cyn' and something else?? Anyway - is it a TTS glitch? Or is the Forvo example one of various alternative pronounciations?


It is usually pronounced with an ng rather than n-g.

The Forvo recordings are made by individuals, so there are bound to be variations.


Do we even know that the Forvo provides a correct pronunciation?

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