"I have salt in the sugar."

Translation:Ho sale nello zucchero.

January 27, 2013

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There are many foods that have salt with sugar! ;)

Here's one. http://whiteonricecouple.com/recipes/donuts-burnt-caramel-sea/


I wonder, has anyone considered taking the wrong choices and turning them into poetry or song lyrics? "I have streets in the sugar" is the sort of thing you can almost laughingly pass as deep.


This is another one that has nothing to do with 'place': the sugar is not a place.


(American English speaker) Since "sala" with plural "sale" is part of this lesson, I figure they want us to know when it means "salt" instead.


"Ho il sale nello zucchero" should be accepted, right?


Not sure; "Ho del sale nello zucchero" seems closer to what was intended. "Ho il sale nello zucchero" makes it seem as though all the salt you had got mixed up with the sugar; leaving the article out makes the quantity unspecified, as though some of your salt ended up in your sugar.


I agree with this formica, however I tried ho il sale nello zucchero today and it was accepted


I also agree with f. formica, and duolingo as well, apparently, because I will keep my heart today :-) with
'ho del sale nello zucchero'

By the way, after combining salt and sugar, what with all the (dead and alive) critters in the food in past sentences, one would think there is a zoo in there by now! 0_o


Somebody was knotty.

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